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Monday, October 7, 2019

The Grindstone #SaliCrow#TheGrindstoneWellnessCenter#Tarot

A couple of days ago at the urging of my friend Linda, I went over to the Grindstone Cafe. I had been going over on a regular basis the first year I moved into The Darling Inn. Some of the second year. I had coupled up with a person who also lives here. I have been looking for some kind of connection to fill this emptiness inside of me. With this person it was booze. I thought how bad can that be? I used to drink. After a few accidents later with her getting shitty with me I broke it off. I then started volunteering at a thrift shop here in town. I was happy at first then again I broke off to start hibernating at home. I was worried about my husband having these bad headaches, I wanted to keep an eye on him. This 'hermit' stage I have dome before. This time it lasted about a year. I'm not sure I don't work, time seems to go fast and slow at the same time.

So in I went. I knew the store had been remodeled. I had seen the workers building, the store changing little by little. I was in awe wondering as I always do when I hibernate why I hadn't come in before this. My friend asked me what I wanted, we ended up having peppermint tea. I love the way they brew tea and coffee products. The whole store is amazing with witchy goodies everywhere. Towards the end, I bought a purple stone for strength. Which I need. Here is the link Grindstone Cafe
The shop is co-owned by a woman named Sali Crow Psychic Medium Sali Crow is a wonderful woman that I admire to the core of my being. She wrote a book that I got signed by her. It's called Jump-Girl-Initiation-Spirit-Speaker  They have the best coffee with tons of flavors they can add. Anyways take a look for yourself.

Nove. 2nd there is an event called SaliCrow The Witches High Tea which I am going to. I may even get a reading. The month I first ventured out will be easy to remember. It's my favorite month at least one of them. October Halloween which I am going to be the witch giving out candy to the kids. Each year The Darling Inn hosts giving away candy. This will be my third year. The last two years have been a sucess giving out over 180 kids. Its great fun. If you live close enough come on over. 

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