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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Reuse and Recycle #Recycle#Reuse

I'm a big fan of reusing stuff. I'm the one who cleans out the plastic bags hanging them on one of my plants. I clean foil and reuse. In fact, when I lived in Maine I had an Avon party telling everyone to bring a gift that was recycled. My friends indulged me as they always did. I'm four hours away now without a vehicle and I miss them all.

Where I live I'm on the 3rd floor. We have stairs and an elevator which I usually take because of my knee pain I sometimes get. Outback is where the recycle bin is so I take some of my recyclables when I need to go downstairs. Or if I'm feeling motivated I'll grab it all at once. So recycle all you can. Right now I've got three pie tins of shredded soaps I plan on recycling. I found this great blog where I plan on following her directions. Here is the link for a wonderful blog with great ideas its called Practical Self Reliance.

Here is the shredded soap which I will post when I'm done. My husband and I went shopping today got everything we needed but Pam oil spray which I need for coating.

My kitten Cotton wondering why I was taking pictures!

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