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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Maine Or Bust- Part One #Maine#ItsSoCold#Hitchiking

The trip from Desert Hot Springs, California to Maine was an experience in itself.  I was living in a trailer in Desert Hot Springs, California.  The guy I was with had told me stories about Biddeford, Maine where he had grown up.  When he found out I had never had lobster he ordered two lobsters from Maine which cost $75. At first, I was grossed out. To me, lobsters look like big bugs.  And the thought of dropping them in boiling water made me cringe until I took my first bite. I was in love, lobsters are good!

One day he came home and asked how would I like to go to Maine. His two childhood buddies, Don and Jimmy, may they rest in peace, had traveled on the bus from Maine staying with us and really wanted Mark to come back with them. I didn't even give it a second thought,  I wanted to go and started packing.

 I called my mother to let her know what I was doing and she talked me into taking Amy until we got to Maine and settled in.  Then I was going to get Amy and bring her back with me. That plan fell through but that's another story in an earlier post.

 So we loaded up the big truck that his boss at the time had. It was a big ice truck that didn't work anymore. Lots of empty space for my boxes. I had gotten all my childhood memory stuff from my mom's loading it all up. We were going to bring our dog. She was this beautiful pitbull that I loved, my man had raised her from a puppy. 

Unfortunately, she has been taught to attack, she hated other dogs. She decided she was going to attack his boss because she didn't know him so he had to find a new home for her which was a very sad day. It was the first time I've ever seen him cry which made me want to cry. After dropping her off at her new home, off we returned home.

I remember a campground in Louisiana. I took a walk to see the campground running into some boys from Alabama. They even had the accent which I thought was so cool. They offered me a drink and a couple of screwdrivers later I was feeling no pain having a hell of a good time.  Don was sent to find me telling me to come back. I kept saying nope not gonna so he put me over his shoulder bringing me back to the truck where I passed out cold. 

I woke up the next day and we went over to the snack shack with groceries and such. They had crawdads in the back freezer. I thought they were bait. The owner told me you ate them. I thought to myself I don't think so.  This place was called a KOA for camping. I haven't seen one of these campgrounds since I got over here to the east coast. It had rained being very swampy having a nice big lake people could go fishing or boating. I loved it. 

Next stop was Texas staying at the boss's family's trailer park which was hot and dusty. We were there for quite a few days. I sure was happy to get out of that dusty place. Next stop we got to the boss's son's house in Tampa, Florida.  

The boss, after a week or so when we were all sleeping took off leaving us stranded with his son. A nice guy may he burn in wherever its hottest. After a few days, his son took us to a  turnpike, leaving all our stuff in his storage shed. I was promised we would get it when we got set up. That never happened. All my childhood memories were lost. I was very sad when I realized I was never going to get my stuff again. Losing my albums and childhood memories was heartbreaking. It took me a long time to get over that.

So here we are on the side of the Freeway hitchhiking.  At first, it started out cold. I believe it was in March of 1983. I was getting a taste of crappy cold weather. 

Remember I was a California girl. Staying cheerful I remember taking off my soaks putting them on my hands for warmth. Holding up a sign that said Maine we lucked out getting a ride. We were drenched. The big rig truckers were the best. I had never been in a big trucker truck which was very tall. You could see everything. One car and two truckers later we arrived in Biddeford Maine. 

When I found out his family didn't know I was even coming I was mortified going across the street from where we were dropped off, I went into a restaurant and dried my hair with one of those hand dryers.  The first thing I remember saying when we rolled into town was look at all the Steeples! Mark told me it was for the snow to slide down to the ground.  My education from the West Coast to the East Coast had begun.To be continued...

The next chapter I will tell you all about my education to know how to live in extremely cold weather. 

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