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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Lyndonville, Small but Quaint #Vermont#Lyndonville#SmallTown

I went for a walk a couple of days ago. I didn't really want to go out but I did anyway. While I was walking to our local Cumberland Farms I decided to take some pictures. Why not I said to myself, I'm a blogger. So here are some pictures of my walk there and back.

I love this place. You go in and there is a Starbucks amongst a lot of other stuff like souvenirs. In the summer there is an outdoor window you can order from. They have Sorbet which I was so happy about since I can't eat dairy.

This is one of our parks. There is a railroad track that the train blows it's horn every so often. The little yellow building is the information booth only open in the summer.

I just love the graffiti on the wall of the building.

Fresh vegetables and flowers. Sort of like a teeny tiny Farmers Market which we do have at our other park.

Isn't that crazy? It's been nothing but clouds getting so dark the cars have to turn on their headlights. That's going uptown.

New England weather. Now it's sunny. There is a saying that if you want the weather to change just wait 5 minutes.

Coming back from the store looking down the street before I cross. I went up to the signs to take a picture of where I am.

I'd better get home it's getting dark again.

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