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Sunday, September 22, 2019

I Have A Son! #BabyBoy#ILoveYou

At the time my son Tysen was born the Chicago Bears were winning the Superbowl. The nurses hadn't brought him to me for a while. At least to me.  I was hearing cheering and yells filling up the hallway.  When I finally got up to investigate my little son was in the next room across the hall with those nurses cheering watching the Superbowl sleeping away! They had given him a little plastic bear which I held on to for years. When you have a C-section you have to stay at least four days. Finally, I was released.

I don't remember any visitors. Tysen's dad didn't come by to see me claiming he hated hospitals. He partied the whole time. At least he came to get me when I was ready to go home. I felt at least I had this little baby I could love and be loved.  

His father and I lived in Springvale, Maine. Money was scarce because neither one of us were working. I didn't have a crib or bassinet for him to sleep in yet so I made up a dresser drawer for him. I put a blanket and surrounded him with stuffed animals. I was finally happy. Tysen was the cutest happiest baby. At least around me. I remember doing laundry with him in his carrier. A grandma bent over to say hi to him. He frowned the whole time. I found that cute. His first word was Da-Da which made your his father very happy. 

We didn't argue and fight when he was a little baby. I was so tired getting up with Tysen I asked his father if he could help. At least when he was home and not out partying. Sure enough one night he got up with him. Getting a bottle he went to where the rocking chair was giving him a bottle. I could hear all this from our bed. Alarms went off in my head so I got up to investigate. Going into that room his father was falling asleep holding a cigarette the ashes held over Tysen. I took him away getting up with him after that. I was so tired one night I fell over in the rocking chair. I managed to turn to my side shielding Tysen. I was so glad when he started sleeping through the night. We ended up moving out of there. I don't remember where next.

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