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Thursday, September 12, 2019

I Have Been To 24 States! #Traveling#SeenAlotOfPlaces#WhereCanIGo

When you're a blogger sometimes you wonder if you can come up with a new idea to blog.  You get writer's block. You'll sit and stare at your computer screen blankly. Not today my friends! I was on Facebook a few minutes earlier. There was a post from a friend about how many states you had been to, passing through counted as well. Well, I thought to myself. I can do that one. Here are the results of about 10 minutes of thinking having flashbacks of some happy times. Here is that post:

8 is the average number of states most people have been to. Sadly, many never leave the state they were born in. Put an X by the states you have been to. Passing through and airports count! The average is 8 for Americans. How do you match up? Put ❤ where you live/lived.

Alabama x
Arizona x
California x Born here.
Colorado x
Connecticut x
Florida x
Georgia x
Kansas x
Louisiana x
Maine x
Massachusetts x
Mississippi x
Nevada x
New Hampshire x
New Jersey x
New Mexico x
New York x
North Carolina x
North Dakota
Pennsylvania x
Rhode Island x
South Carolina x
South Dakota
Texas x
Utah x
Vermont ❤️
Virginia x
Washington DC
West Virginia
Wisconsin x

24 states. When you look at the number it's simply awesome. It reminds me that I have seen and done a lot of traveling. California is where I was born living there from 1958 until 1983 when I left for Maine. It's at the end of 2019 now. If I had thought of 2019 when I was in the year of 1983 I would have thought of the Jetsons

I used to lay or sit down in my living room of the home I grew up in on Saturday mornings when I was a little kid watching the Jetsons in happier carefree times. Singing to the Jetson's jingle was fun. Of course, I knew it by heart. I found it on YouTube. Boy talk about flashbacks!

The rest of the states either I have been too or been through. I didn't realize until now just how well traveled I was. Sometimes I miss it then I'll go see my family booking an airplane flight. I don't know if its because I'm older now but it's not quite as exciting as it used to be although I love airports. Once I'm through the security of course.

How many states have you been or traveled to or through?

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