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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fall Is Coming #Fall#LaborDay#GoodByeSummer

It's here. After another New England summer consisting of hot, (sometimes), cloudy, (almost every day), muggy, (here and there), rain and thunderstorms, (which I love), fall finally comes. The Calendonia Fair is all done leaving nothing but floating pieces of torn tickets blowing randomly around. This morning is 52 degrees, sunny later on being 72 degrees. Time to get out the warmer weather clothes putting away your summer clothing. I still like to wear my dresses when in the house though. Today I'm wearing my warmer leggings and the white sweatshirt my mother-in-law may she ~RIP~ made me for a birthday or Christmas I can't remember. She was very crafty ironing blue letters stating I was the best grandma in the whole wide world with #1 Grandma on the back. Not exactly my style but she made it, I kept it.

Labor Day is the 2nd of September which a parade will go through town. For such a small quite town we do have nice parades. I used to joke when I was working that Labor Day meant where we all come to work and labor. This month is me and my husband's anniversary. It will be an accumulation of living together then getting married for fifteen years. That seems so long. But so short.

The time to seeing my son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons is drawing closer come around the end of December. I have been steadily sending homemade cards and goodies so they have an idea who their grandparents are way in the East where it snows. I am torn between wanting to move so I'm closer to them to stay put and have them visit us here. One at a time of course. I also would love to live somewhere you can take a bus to other towns seeing that neither one of us drive. Boredom and not seeing new places is often on my mind. As my daughter says, time will tell." In a perfect world, I dream of living a two-hour drive to be able to see friends or family.

Now that summer is coming to an end I also look forward to daylight savings when it's dark earlier. Also, I look forward to seeing the leaves turn the brilliant orange, reds, and yellows dotting the hills surrounding us. No matter how many times I have seen it I also look forward to that first silent snowfall when our town sparkles with freshly fallen snow and frozen lakes. Boots, gloves or mittens, hats, and scarfs are brought out of storage taking more time to get ready to go out.

My grandson is enrolled in Headstart where he lives in Texas. His favorite food is the hotdog. He's having a little troubles adjusting, I'm sure he will be fine. His younger brother gets mommy all to himself eating that right up. So goodbye to another summer hello to another change of season.

A perfect Fall day.

Part of speech: adjective
Origin: Old English, 16th century

1.Gray or white as a result of aging
Examples of Hoary in a sentence
"The man's hoary appearance was antithetical to his jovial, youthful energy."
"The hoary stories I heard as a kid have been passed down for generations in my family."

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