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Hi there and welcome to my blog. I am a married 60 year old woman who still has the mind of a twenty year old. I have three children and two grandsons. I've been to hell and back each time stronger than the time before. If I can help you then it was all worth it.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Walker Scotts & Marriage #NewBlogger#TeenageMarraige#TheCarIsALemon#StupidMistakes

I was born in Palm Springs, California. All I knew was high temperatures, desert sand, always yearning for cooler weather. Working at the Palm Springs mall which when I looked it up there was only one store open in the whole mall I was astounded and a little let down. Memories versus real life. Real-life won.

My mother had let me have one last summer before rejoining the workforce. Which we all know what happened there with dumtwit Tony.


I filled out an application got the interview and was now a department store worker. They put me in the lingerie department which I adored. I was asked to be the department's manager but since I hate paperwork I declined. I learned quickly mastering the old fashioned cash register cashing out a customer often so quickly it would emit this loud beep. So I had to slow down. I got 20% off which was wonderful soon having a drawer full of matching bra and panties all in different colors.

I was starting to see this new guy. He was a definite rebound guy. I didn't like the pain of a broken heart not knowing what to do or handle the horrible pain this guy named Don's interest in me was a welcome balsam to my shattered broken heart. Every so often Tony would come through the store. Walking past my department arm in arm with a girl which made me all the more determined to erase away the pain which was slowly turning to anger.

By the time I had started seeing Don I had saved up $500.00 in the little bank in the mall. Every week I would take out a twenty saving the rest. Don, of course, didn't own a car. Me being the freedom-loving clueless idiot wanted to show that creep Tony that I could get around too. Don would regale me with stories of San Diego working on the Sports Fishing boats. I love San Deigo, California which you can read in my Traveling section. I had travel fever. Plus it would get me far far away from him who I shall not name again.

Little did I know that the word "Sucker" was tattooed on my forehead at this point. Along with my desire to get the hell out of my home from hell, I decided to "help" Don buy a car. By help meaning I would buy it so right there on the sales certificate we lied about being married. Oh boy, a life of crime has begun. I figured what the hell could it hurt. it was a used car dealership who would find out? I kissed my $500 goodbye, I had no license but Don did!

So here we were. I was eighteen. I wanted out of my childhood home. I wanted away from you know who. Here I was with a guy for a whole month. What could go wrong?  Now we as in me owned a car. I don't remember what kind of car except it was bought from a used car dealership. I found out what a 'lemon' meant in used car speak for the rear end fell off during one of our excursions making this god awful noise.


By now I had known Don all of three months having met his brother and his wife. He also had another brother and wife with a little boy. His parents were very very old.  Okay, I went through my Grammarly and found this. I have bits and pieces of my life in pages which I'm slowly organizing. Why rewrite if you already have written?

 We're Going to the chapel of love we all were singing quite loudly and out of key.  My future husband's brother and wife were driving me and Don to Los Vegas, Nevada to elope. I was 18 by now and freedom was so exciting.

I stood in blue jeans and a cool blouse quietly almost whispering, "I do" in front of the Justice of the Peace at the City Hall. I could swear my knees were shaking.
I should have taken the hint when the car we were being driven in by my soon to be brother in law broke down. Somehow the white gown like the dress I had been wearing got black on it. I have never worn white well. That's how I ended up in blue jeans. That song "Forever In Bluejeans" by the great Neil Diamond was being sung in my head.

It was in April of 1977. The temperature was in the hundreds. I was all sweaty, which I abhor.  Looking at that date it seems so long ago. I was eighteen and my soon to be husband was 20 years of age. I had known him all of a few months. I had just had my heart broken by a boy and instead of wallowing in pain I latched on to this available male. 

I was eloping in defiance of being told what to do all the time and all my life by my mother. Also so we could buy a used car if you can believe that, with my friggi'n money if you can believe THAT. My new-found freedom I had been waiting years and years for wasn't complete yet. I still lived at home and had to listen to a mother who thought she knew the right way for everything. 

Her way was the right way and she would not let it go. Plus insisting that "shacking up" was bad. I was going to burn in the fires of hell. Getting married THEN having sex was good. So to shut her up and even though I disagreed with almost everything she said, I still loved and wanted her approval. 

But it was done my new husband and I came down the steps only to get rice slammed in our faces by my new brother-in-law. Another sign? It was very surreal, but I embraced it as a new adventure and was ready for action!

I called my mother and announced, "Guess what mom I got married." What a wonderful daughter I was! Ever do something impulsive and want to take it back? That's my life.

I'm now married at the ripe old age of 18. My husband was 20. We had bought this little blue Ford that zipped us around and a few days later we decided to move to San Deigo. I was all for it, ready for adventure, got a new husband, let's go! We packed up a tent, sleeping bags, and a few other things and off we went.

I remember staying at a campground keeping warm by having a very long hot shower. We met a guy who we befriended for a short time while often going to Denny's and drinking hot coffee all night long. Before long we needed a job like yesterday!

Now my husband had told me stories about working on the Sports Fishing boats so when we got to the harbor I was in absolute heaven. We both were hired and I was overjoyed. Pretty soon I had mastered fishing, helping the customers and cooking on a boat this one being 64 feet long. I loved being a deckhand.

We had overnight Albacore fishing trips, we'd come in to dock the first place I headed for was the little shop that sold smoked fish and I loved it! Another place was a restaurant that sold big crab salads with white wine. I was so in love with the area.
We lived on fish and I would go barefoot with my dress tied up at the knee running all over the deck, it was as if I had been born to the sea. I believe those were some of the other happiest days of my life.

To be continued...My daughter was conceived.

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