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Monday, August 5, 2019

Tony The Boyfriend #NewBlogger#Protection#BrokenHeart#Counseling

Let's meet Tony. I was in 12th grade. The year had passed with week-ends full of fun with the girls. It was the best year of my life. I was no longer alone, no longer picked on. I had a friend's house to go to. 

I had given up on ever dating Ricky again. The painful broken heart of my 15-year-old heart had finally subsided only painfully jumping in my chest whenever I saw him and his new girlfriend walking together. *She eventually got pregnant by him.  

Anyways my senior Prom was coming up. I didn't really have any interest in going. Why would I want to go to the Prom with all those bitches that had tormented me all those years? But again, my mother didn't listen to me talking me into going. She wanted to make my Prom dress which again I knew those girls would have a lovely store-bought Prom dress to go in, I would stand out. Yet again she convinced me it was okay.

 I told the girls I needed help finding a boy to take me to the Prom. How I ever got swept up into something I knew I'd hate I'll never know. We wouldn't have this story then, would we? 

So that's how I met Tony. He was 6 ft. tall, wore black T-shirts and jeans every day. Black shaggy hair and brown eyes. We were introduced making my heart all aflutter. After making a date to go to the Drive-Inn I took a two-hour bath taking the time to get dressed, putting on my make-up excitedly waiting for the time he would show up. Finally, the time arrived and so did he pulling up in his black El Camino. The only throwback was he had brought his friends with him.

 Well, that Drive-In was where I lost my virginity. I was well aware of what to do from my earlier years only making damn sure I wouldn't get pregnant. Lucky for me there was a place you could go to get birth control at seventeen so that's what I did. He had to use condoms for a month until the first month of birth control pills were in effect. Parental Prevention gave out six-month supplies. Try hiding six months worth of pill packets, it wasn't easy. 

We had met three months before summer, the third month he asked me to marry him. At seventeen we were engaged. You see everything I did was trying to get out of where I lived, to be free. Summer came, and so did the end of my Senior year. It was 1976. Bicentennial Year. We had gone to my Prom leaving early after eating Cornish Hen for dinner. No more school for me which made me deliciously happy.

 I soon discovered that Tony and his parents went out of state for their summers. I had gotten to know his parents whom I was very fond of. They invited me to go with them. My mother said no. I was heartbroken with a summer of emptiness to look forward to. The day came for them to leave making me promise not to go out with my friends, to wait for him. Which I did. Again I was heartbroken looking forward to nightly calls, angry at my mother for keeping me home.

My girlfriends kept asking me to go out with them to which I explained I had made a promise. I would go to the new Recreational Pool that had been built spending my days there. My friends missed me, I missed them. Finally, at the end of summer, the Palm Springs Spring Fling was coming to town as it did every year. We all were too young to get in only getting in because of my friend's sister's boyfriend was playing in the band giving us their wrist bands. Teenagers will do whatever it takes to get their way.

The Spring Fling was so much fun! There were people everywhere talking laughing with the band playing all night long. I thought it was the neatest thing there was a bar in the pool floating all around. Then it happened. Tony's best friend had made a vulgar pass at me at the pool with me proceeding to tell him off, spotted me. I thought nothing of it, me and the girls dancing and laughing the night away until it was time to go home.

The next day I get a phone call. That gross boy had told Tony I was at the Spring Fling flirting with all the boys. I was furious that he didn't believe me breaking up with me again I was heartbroken. 

To tell you the truth I dodged a bullet with that one. He caught up with me after thirty-five years apologizing and we became friends on Facebook. He had been living with an older woman for twenty years talking to me on the phone behind her back. Plus he was "Self-employed." You know what that means, she had been supporting him this whole time. I now have him blocked from my facebook account.

So they came back, with him still believing all the lies it was time to move on. I got a job at Walker Scotts in the Palm Springs Mall. I was getting my life back on track, or was it? 

To be continued...

When you are a teenager you feel every emotion a hundred times more. Teenager or adult those feelings of betrayal, hurt, the loss can actually be a physical pain hurting deeply. So deeply all you want to do is get away from it. Cover it up with either a new boy/man/girl, drugs or sexual behaviors that could get you in trouble. Today you can get counseling online which I think is terrific.  

Online Therapy 

Good Therapy

Teen Line Online

Birth Control

Remember, it's not a matter of life or death to break up with someone. It may feel like it at the time. But that's the greatest thing about time. It does eventually heal your broken heart. Feel better and get help. Don't try to do it all alone like I did.

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