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Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Gift Of A Local Market #NewBlogger#FriendlyMarket#Shopping#Whites Market

Sometimes I rail at my boring life in a small town. Which is completely perverse of how I always wanted to live in a small town. This is where the grass isn't always greener no matter where you plant it. Especially if you have brutal winters. Which are really pretty, but cold. But I'm getting off track. 

Yesterday I went to my local market to take advantage of their double point day which is Wednesdays and Sundays. You reach so many points and you can get five dollars off your purchase or save them. I do both according to budget. They are also a five-minute walk which I had also always dreamed about. 

As I stepped out of my building it was becoming thunderous with a few lightning bolts in the near distance. I'm telling you I'm starting to feel like I'm playing lightening Russian roulette. Thank goodness the store is close by.

What I like about being a customer in a small town, in a neighborhood market, are the people. The cashiers call you by name, the other customers are friendly engaging you in conversations. I would miss that in a bigger store. As I'm going down the first aisle I spot a kid who is like any other gangly tall kid with a pockmarked face. He is friendly having a ready laugh. He is dating as we joke about the dating scene I say I got tired of the dating scene and got married. Which made a woman who was looking at the sour cream burst out a laugh.

I move on to the meat aisle always looking for the little red reduced tag coming to the chicken. Which is on sale for 99 cents a pound for the quarter cut. I love those deals snatching them up whenever I can. As I lift up a package of four pieces of chicken in a package it's almost too heavy to lift with one hand. Right behind me is a little old lady looking at the hamburger. Looking at her I exclaim what do they feed these chickens, I can barely pick up a package as I'm wrestling two packages one at a time into my cart. She laughs and agrees.

Note: Oh goody, it's raining I can hear it against my window pane. Turning my cart around I start down the condiment aisle which I'm looking for pecans for my smoothies. I actually got two of those cute young male clerks to look for a larger bag of them. I had already found canned pecans. Anyways the price of pecans is outrageous as I'm expressing this indignity to my budget there is another little old lady.

She turns around and she reminds me of how the bee population is dwindling because of the pesticides that are sprayed on the crops, price of gas, etc. which really burns my butt as that saying goes. So my next post will be about the poor little bees that without them we would all starve to death. She exclaimed women should be in a government office with the argument woman think ahead.

She further explains how her male cats will run out an open door without looking. The female cats will look left and right either going out or staying in. Which means she has a lot of cats. So lets put cats in office as well and #savethebees.

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