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Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Caledonian Fair Is In Town #NewBlogger#ILoveFairs#Carnival##Life

The fair started yesterday close to where I live. I always get a little excited, a little nostalgic for number one I love fairs number two I worked at a carnival in California for a summer. Another perk to a relationship gone sideways. But like my first husband where I got to know the joys of working on a Sportsfishing boat, I got to work at a real live carnival in this relationship. 

I had my husband research the Caledonia Fair for me. He's so much better at it then I am. If I try it I end up in the Google Triangle for hours. Since he is in bed with one of his headaches I did try to find the actual carnival I worked at, actually the name, and came up empty-handed. So I went out to the kitchen making me one of my smoothies. In about an hour and a half, we are going to McDonald's so I'm just going to post this anyway.

When he told me the admission price was $17 I was astounded but not surprised. I love the fair at night with the music and the bright lights. It has more of a festive feeling for me. When I went to visit my daughter a year ago for my 60th birthday she arranged for us all to go to the fair in St. Cloud, Florida. It was small but very fun bringing back all the memories of the one I used to work for. But this fiar I'm not going to. I don't like the price and if I did decide to go for that price it would have to be an all-day and night affair. I'll settle for a bus ride to McDonald's instead.

Here is the story of my fun summer working at a Carnival. At that time I was in a biker club. I had always had a fascination with bikers how they were one big happy family. My big happy family was working at the Carnival. At least some of them. I was a two in one kind of deal. A biker and a carnie. At that time my daughter was three years old staying with her grandmother.  I would gladly give up my memories to have another chance with her. But I was experiencing life like I never had eager to try new things out knowing my little daughter was safe with my mother. These are the regrets you lay awake thinking about at night repeating over and over in your mind. At that time I was having my dreams fulfilled. I had plenty of time to raise my little girl.  Little did I know.

I arrived at the Carnival walking up to where the outside had benches to a small restaurant that served food and beer. As I got closer I saw some of the 'brothers' and 'sisters'  I had grown to love sitting outside drinking their beers. I grinned broadly as my name was shouted out and I knew everyone was happy to see me. As I got myself a beer I looked around soaking up the sunshine and the carnivals bustling customers walking up and down the strip. I was in absolute heaven. As we all caught up for I had come from home missing my other half not doing too well as far as money was concerned. I wanted and needed a job.

I think it was the next day for my memories are a little sketchy but I do remember gathering in front of a huge stadium type place where you could imagen a band playing up on the stage with all kinds of people sitting in the chairs in front of it. They were placing jobs to the various people who had already been there before me. Everyone took off to their various jobs leaving me to sit in an emptied area. The man who had been talking on the stage saw me sitting there and asked me if I wanted a job to which I eagerly replied yes too. After asking what kind of experience I had with carnivals he assigned me to help put the kitty rides together. There were two twin sisters over to the side in bikinis soaking each other with water. A good way to get a tan I thought.

I am here to say I have great respect for carnival workers. They are a beer-drinking hard working loyal bunch of individuals. The kiddy ride consisting of pigs and whatever else lay sprawled all over next to the ride itself waiting for a team of two to get it up on the ride. I thought I was going to break my back as me and another person struggled to get the animal cars up enough to attach. That's where the muscle came in. The guys would tighten the bolts so the smaller children could ride without injury. Taking all day I was so glad when it was time to quit where we all headed over to the shack to get ourselves a beer. 

The night was falling as I watched the lights coming on I was in awe of the twinkling lights. We chose to sleep under The Twister, one of the rides where loud music was played. It was nice and grassy as I thought to myself as I laid out our sleeping bags, I can deal with this. It was different from being under a ride instead of on top. Nightime was for playtime for us all. We were day workers.

So I got to run all around that carnival for the rides were free. I took a walk down the boulevard stopping at each stand where the vendors would try to suck me into playing a game until they found out I wasn't a 'mark.' That meant trying to get as much money as you could out of a customer. Instead, they would give me free stuff. I was in heaven and spoiled.

A few days into it the owner found me asking me if I wanted to run the Super Slide. He knew I loved children.  Now that was so much fun. With a block of wax in both hands, I would slide down the slide making it nice and slippery. At the end of summer, I was sad to go home but also happy to see my young daughter again.

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di-ˈsi-jə-wəsPart of speech: adjectiveOrigin: Latin, 17th century
 1.In botany, shedding leaves annually or at a certain point in the growth cycle2.Transitory or ephemeral Examples of Deciduous in a sentence "Come winter, the beautiful deciduous forest becomes barren and dull, and we wait for regrowth in the spring." "I didn't realize the trees in my yard were deciduous, and every fall I have to rake fallen leaves on a daily basis."

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