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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Showing Off My Family #LongDistanceGrandma#Grandkids#VisitingFamilyInFlorida

Good grief that didn't feel like all day. I woke up at 6pm. I had left my google photos open on my computer to remind me so I could go through them. After almost 3 hours of deleting double pictures, etc. I'm finally done. I picked out pictures that I really like which was hard because I like them all and here they are. I will be putting them on my home page when I figure out how to do so.

Grandma & Grandpa Rose

 Our marriage at the Passumpsic Cemetery Sept. 18th, 2011. I have always loved cemeteries. I had given up my dream of my son giving me away since then he was in the Air Force at that time. My daughter was in Florida unable to make the trip. My husband's sister and father had passed later on in 2017 his mother followed. I decided I wanted to get married here. My husband who is as quirky as I am (almost) agreed. It was a beautiful day with the  Passumpsic River gurgling below behind us. We look so young!

This is in San Antonio, Texas at Tysen's graduation. I had recently that same year had a bypass slimming down. At the time I was living in Maine. It was the year 2009.

My daughter and her live-in boyfriend, Eli. It's been 9 years making me wonder where does time go?

  This is my beautiful daughter who lives in St. Cloud, Florida. I can't wait to visit her again.

This is my beautiful daughter-in-law Britany who gave me 2 adorable grandsons. 

My husband Grandpa Rose. He is my computer geek! My son is as well so they will always have that in common.

My brother that I lost touch with for 35 years. I was so glad when I finally found him through Facebook. He was as well.

This is one of my top favorite photos of me and Chuck.

I love these pictures. Tysen and Ariel when they were younger. Let's see Tysen was 9 years old and Ariel who is 4 years younger was 5 years old

When Grandpa Rose decided to shave his head!

My daughter Ariel standing on the Mexico Beach pier in Florida. We were visiting my son Tysen and his family.

I think that's when my son's a/c went out and boy was it hot. It was later fixed. Me and Ariel

I was holding little Barrett laughing my butt off because he was a little wiggle worm. Here I'm not violating his mama's rule of not posting the grandkids photos. It was hard to find one!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. I'm hungry so it's time to go eat. Have a great day everyone!

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