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Friday, August 9, 2019

Recycle Reuse #NewBlogger#Recycle#Reuse

I had to take a picture and blog this because I'm so damn #thrifty and smart. I say this with a droll smile. My husband exclaimed at what a good idea for one of those hangers. The kind where you hang pants on. If you don't get the pants in there good enough the hanger won't close. Or if you do manage to get the pants to stay in the hanger the steel trap can rap your fingers hard enough to bruise.


This hanger has been bouncing around in my apartment for a while now. The idea came to me when I was looking at my big bag of Tostadas wondering how I was going to keep them #fresh. That hanger just popped into my head and presto! I had a bag closer. I hung it on my cupboard handle just because I can. 

I have decided since I love words to start posting a word for each blog...maybe. So to start it off here is a word.  


1. Enraged to the point of fury. 

2. Related to the causes of denoting a stroke. 

3. Likely to cause a stroke. 

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