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Hi there and welcome to my blog. I am a married 60 year old woman who still has the mind of a twenty year old. I have three children and two grandsons. I've been to hell and back each time stronger than the time before. If I can help you then it was all worth it.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Oh No You Didn't #NewBlogger#TeenAbuse#BrokenHeart#Don't GetFooled

I was going for my first job by myself. I was eighteen now. The long-awaited age signifying freedom. I was very nervous about going, but I got hired! I was so nervous. Then I was overjoyed excitingly waiting for my first day.
The mall was the place to hang out. By then I was an everyday smoker going out to sit with friends. That's where I met my first husband, Don. He was part of what 

I'll call Tony's friends and had become my friends as well. You see Tony had got in touch with me when he came back from his summer vacation telling me he wanted to go out with me. I would get all ready, he wouldn't show.  This happened again. I was so angry I called up my best friend who drove to go look for him. 

I knew where he was, at the Drive-In. knowing he would be in the back of the Drive-In that's where we went. That s.o.b. was there alright. I went stomping up to our friends demanding to know where Tony was. Of course, they didn't know as I raised an eyebrow. I found him alright walked up to him slapping his face yelling at him for abusing me like that. The layman's term was "messing with my mind." 

That's when my heart broke for good when I spotted the girl he was with. I could not believe he could do something like that. Ask me out then not show up taking another girl out. Here came that familiar pain as my friend took me crying inconsolably the 10 minute way home.

This part is where my vindictiveness came in when later on the following week I got a phone call telling me Tony was seeing another girl right behind where I lived. Omg! What a  jerk. So I began to plan.

All my life I had to be home by the time the street lamps came on often speeding home on my bicycle in the nick of time. I was eighteen now I could go out after dark. After dinner which was at 6 pm every night like a clock, I'd go out for a walk. I loved that time of night. All my life I have loved the dark, the peace, the quiet, being concealed.
My walk would take me around the block where I spotted jerkface's car going around coming back home. Now I know revenge is not good but there was no telling me that at the time. I was pissed off. After a week of this, I asked my younger brother for his big puffy jacket and a baseball hat. Putting these articles on I went for my walk. My brother knew what I was up to keep my secret.

As I rounded the block the back of that black El Camino came into view. Walking up to it I squatted down. I didn't know what I was going to do until I got there. I was going to flatten all his tires. All of a sudden this Afro-American young kid comes running up to me squatting down demanded to know what I was doing.

I explained what was going down and guess what. He found me a little rock I could flatten a tire with. Using it for the tire valve air started hissing out. The kid was keeping watch as the tire got down to about halfway. Then I hear" he's coming out"!!! Tossing the rock aside I started running back towards home, the kid took off towards his house.

Slowing now and slightly out of breath from running a hear the noise of a car driving with a flat tire. He was coming down my street! I made my walk more like a boy looking down as he drove by. Omg, he didn't recognize me! I started to grin. Come into my neighborhood and date a girl with my name even I thought indignantly.

I get home, ten minutes later the phone rang. It was Tony demanding to know if I had let the air out of his tire. I innocently told him he knew I didn't go out at night hanging up. I was finally free of that horrible pain that had been in my heart.

Now I'm not saying that's what you should do. I wish I could have told someone or even left town for a while. Unlike today there was no internet. The reason I told this story was is to avoid guys like that. 

Red Flags
  1. The coming over for our first date with his guy friends.
  2. Not wanting to go out with your friends.
  3. Wanting to be just you and him alone.
  4. Never coming over to your house. 
  5. Demanding that you don't go out with friends waiting for him.
  6. Lying about asking you out.
  7. Making you pick him over your friends.
Get help instead of getting revenge. My story turned out okay but you never know. Bottom line is do not let a boy, or girl take advantage of you. As much as it may hurt kick him or her to the curb.

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