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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

My First Daughter Was Conceived #Firstborn#BmadeOnABoat#MyBaby#SanDiego#California

My first child Amy Rebeckah Barker was born at the Desert Hospital. She was conceived on the boat my husband and I was working on. We had to be rescued once again by my parents and Don's parents put us up. I was in labor 16 hours with her. The whole time no drugs. I wanted natural and that was that. Unfortunately, at the end of all that time, I had become weak and not pushing wasn't an option anymore for I had only dilated to a four and you have to go to ten, the baby wasn't waiting anymore! 

My doctor made the call for a C-Section. I freaked yelling that my mother said you were a butcher, the last thing I remember is a white mask being put over my face. Next, I'm being woken up by a nurse saying “Mrs. Barker you had a baby girl” and me all groggy telling her I did not! Then there she was my sweet baby girl.
They ended up keeping her though releasing me thinking she had jaundice and I was determined to breastfeed so for four days I went back and forth to the hospital every four hours until the nurses convinced me to sleep the night and they would give her a bottle at night so I could rest. 

I was so tired with dark circles under my eyes I looked like a heroin addict! Finally, I was able to bring her home which made me happy. When she had troubles sleeping me and my husband would take Amy out for a drive and it worked every time.
I will never forget when Amy was a toddler. My mother and I had taken her to this big park with rolling hills of green grass hiding our brightly colored eggs all around making them easily accessible for a small child to find.

Amy was looking for eggs at my mother's and I prompting where there was an egg that was nestled at the top of an empty pole hole. When she bent over to pick up her Easter egg it disappeared. It had fallen straight down that hole! The look on Amy's face was priceless. I burst out laughing going over to see where the egg went. That memory is stuck in my mind.

 I have been doing a lot of thinking about past Easter's. Growing up in Palm Springs, California the Easter's of my childhood were always hot and sunny. Here in the East, you may still see snow on the ground, melting, or it could snow.

When my son was born so did my love for all holidays only now I got to see them through my children's eyes. Since I was living in Maine by now most of the egg hunting was inside the house starting easy to find then getting a little harder as my son got older.

I loved making the #Easter baskets. I would find discount baskets, fill them with small toys, some chocolate, sprinkling jelly beans all through the grass. Then I would wrap up the whole basket with colored Suran Wrap, stand back to admire, then placed where my son could find it.

There is nothing like the excited gleam in your child's eyes as each treasure was found. I had also filled plastic eggs with small goodies may be going a little overboard but I was filling in what I had always wanted to do, had the money at the time, so I took advantage of that curious, fun-loving inner-child of mine.

Four years later I had a #daughter. The Little Mermaid was big when she was born and she was named Ariel. I just loved the movie watching it over and over again with my little son who was into all the cartoons and animated movies. Teenage Turtles was one of my favorites. Lion King was made just for me, I just knew it!

Then #Easter turned into Easter for two which became a whole new ballgame balancing the 'first-timers' with an older sibling who wanted nothing more than to help his little sister. My son was a loving, bouncy, animated child while my daughter was very somber, mulling over a question, then answering it thoughtfully.

There were times at the park where I remember one-time big brother had to protect little sister from some of the most rambunctious children so she could find her eggs. There were the egg toss and egg drop games. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out how to drop an egg and not break it from a very long height.

Another memory just flashed through my mind of when I had joined The Salvation Army church services where on Easter Sunday my kids were in a play. Thank goodness I have it all recorded on tape, making plans to convert them all to disks.

Now I have 2 #grandsons and can watch them enjoy the holidays on Face chat which emotionally is uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time.  I would never trade my kid's successes and accomplishments or ask them to come nearer to me though. Both are thriving adults and I thank God for that, but I don't think I will ever shake the sadness that is lodged deep in me for not being able to be there all the time.

My heart goes out to all the #Grandparents and parents who are feeling the same thing. And you never know about the future do you. I have #Pinterest on my homepage. There is a board with activities for Grandparents. Go there and have a look if you'd like.

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