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Monday, August 26, 2019

Help! Ingrown Hair #NewBlogger#IngrownHair#HeadPain

I have googled ingrown hair and searched YouTube all in vain trying to find out about ingrown hair. Some of the videos I would advise not eating while you watch ingrown hairs being removed and whatever you do ignore blackhead removal which I did watch. It was horrible but I couldn't stop watching.

You are going to get a story so hang on to your seats. I was in my early twenties when I noticed when brushing my hair, a tender spot on the back of my scalp. When I laid flat on my back I could feel the tenderness and like all annoying pain, I waited for it to fix itself. Well, it didn't.

I was working in Long Beach, California living in a studio apartment befriending a woman and her husband. I had been invited over for an evening of drinking cheap wine. Sitting in their living room she noticed me gingerly touching my sore scalp asking me what was wrong so I told her.

Next thing I know I am sitting cross-legged in front of this woman while she declared she would find this pesky what I knew now was an ingrown hair holding a pair of tweezers.

After zeroing in on where it hurt she started to pluck. She tells me you have to pluck out the short hairs until you found the right one. This is what it sounded like, Pluck...ow! Pluck...ow! Pluck...ow! Good thing there was wine!

Then she found the right one, I was so excited. She began to pull it out slowly and the relief I felt was heavenly. That should have ended it you would have thought.

Well, the darn thing has grown back over the years. That's a lot of years about thirty. I'm envisioning a single strand of hair wrapping itself around and around my brain! No wonder I'm so dizzy.

I have been to a couple of doctors in an attempt to get rid of this ingrown peskiness. The first doctor brought out his huge magnifying glass, hovering it over my head. Could find nothing.

I tried a different doctor, same as the first. The third doctor looks and tells me I should just live with it, he didn't want to have to punch a hole in my scalp. What??!! So I guess I'm stuck with it wishing I could find that woman who helped me so long ago.
Have or do you have something that a doctor can't fix? What would you do about it?


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