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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Glamis, California #NewBlogger#Travel#RideThoseDunes

Oh, how I miss going to Glamis. My dad would go out to the garage and work on his most recent vehicle which was always a Volks Wagon. I would watch as he would transform the car into a Dunebuggie ready for the dunes. These weren't just any dunes but miles and miles of soft white sand mountains often with tire trails around the rim of the dune. It was as scary and fun like a rollercoaster. I used to have pictures but the album got lost on my move from California to Maine.

Dad would get his newest Dunebuggy all ready to go with a '76 Chevy engine chugging away. I sure do miss those old classic cars. He would tell my mom get ready to go camping sending me out to get our family camper ready which consisted of wiping down all the sand inside. I had to make sure there were dishes and pans, toilet paper, etc. That part wasn't as fun as riding in the back on the top bunk where looking out you could see the road ahead.

So off we would go my dad driving the distance to get there for a weekend of pure heart-pounding fun. My dad loved me riding along with him because I didn't scream at the scary dips and turns but would throw my head back and laugh at the pure joy of being alive at that moment.

I remember Thanksgiving weekend. There was a full moon. We had arrived in Glamis earlier that day riding whatever vehicles we had on the side. That year it was 4-wheelers. I was 15, the year was 1973. Seems light years ago. Because it was! We had already eaten breakfast, eggs & bacon, lunch, Coldcut sandwiches then dinner which usually was hotdogs or hamburgers with the fixings. The sun had finally sunk behind the dunes the other campers and dune buggy enthusiasts started jumping into their vehicles.

There is nothing like the roar of a hundred chevy engines all starting up at the same time. Unless its a hundred Harleys. All with the same chug chug chug sound starting up it was music to my ears. We all started following the trail that would take us to some of the biggest dunes around the headlights all twisting and turning going up and down the hilly trail with the full moon also helping to light the way.

I remember three dunes in a row. My dad and I climbed the first dune making it to the top. Sitting on top we looked down where the people looked like ants at the bottom. My father asked me if I was ready which I was. Down we headed towards the other vehicles. This happened two more times. The third one I yelled were we going to hell laughing on the way down. What a rush. So much fun. I will never forget our trips to Glamis, California.

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