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Thursday, August 15, 2019

DIY Fresh Kitty Water #NewBlogger#WaterFeeder#LoveMyKitty

I'm so proud of myself. I was in my kitchen once again pouring out Cotton's water bowl. As I'm doing this I'm thinking to myself there has got to be a better way. I need a water feeder. In checking emails I had spotted one but couldn't find the email again so I made this from memory.

I took a glass pan and a gallon jug. My husband drinks endless fresh spring water so I have plenty of jugs. I filled up the gallon jug putting the cap on. Taking my razor knife I made a hole 1 inch from the bottom fitting it in the glass pan. I watched as water filled up nice and clear. Now kitty has nice clean fresh water.

Not as clear as I would like but I hope you get the picture. Also, I included Cotton's play area. I got the kitty stand free from downstairs where I live. The scratching pad a friend bought for her. My motto is "If it's free it's for me."

Why the blue tint I have no idea. Probably some camera setting I don't know about. The camera is new.

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