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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Stolen Childhood #Newblogger#ChildAbuse#ChildPredators#MyChildhoodHadBeenStolen.

Going to stay at my Aunt and Step-Uncle's was fun. Note: They were my mom's Aunt and Step-Uncle. It got me away from all the fighting and arguing at home. On those weekends I was taken to a restaurant called Black Angus. They are famous for their steaks., homemade bread I would get to eat Angus steak, a baked potato loaded with real butter, sour cream and bacon bits. I never ate that at home for mom liked to save money for vacations. Then my Step-Uncle would order me a Shirley temple. Boy was that good. I never had room for dessert.

*Again, sounds normal enough.

On the outside, all was well and good. I was twelve and loved staying with my Aunt and Step-Uncle. We would all go swimming after eating a homemade sundae with all the works. My Aunt worked at a Fargo Bank, my Step-Uncle was a bug exterminator.

*They had money.

One day was it was my Aunt going to get her hair done day. My Step-Uncle had drunk a lot of vodka and Diet Tabs. He also liked looking at Playboy Magazines. In their bathroom, he had put up mirrors facing each other. He got me in there to show me how the images of me looked like it went on forever. I thought that was so cool.

*Funny what seems normal if it's family.

I remember my Step-Uncle casually asking me if he could wash my hair. I had long brown hair almost to my rear end. I thought about it and then agreed. Little by little he introduced me to see and do sexual things which I thought was perfectly normal in a secret way.

*Remember, I'm twelve.

So this went on for a couple of years and I started to tire of the sex games. I told my Step-Uncle this, he was sad. When I went into the bedroom where I slept I spotted a twenty-dollar bill laying on the dresser. That happened again, the same thing.

*Now I knew not only sexual things I learned sex equaled power.

 I turned fifteen. I was interested in boys. When I met my first boyfriend I told my Step-Uncle absolutely no more. Oh boy, another twenty. Although he wanted to keep it up I stuck to my guns. I finally told my mom I was too old to go over there. 

*It was finally done.

Needless to say, it was a clear case of child abuse. True to my word I said nothing until I had a daughter of my own. My mother would take her for the weekend freeing me up to do whatever I wanted. When she turned three mom asked me about taking my daughter over to my Aunt's which I replied more forcibly then I meant a resounding no!!!

*Truth is about to come out.

My mother has a way of nagging and arguing you into a frenzy which she started to do. Asking me why not blah blah blah. Finally, I blurted out what I and my Step-Uncle had done all those years. I'll never forget the look that came over her face. Shock, Disbelief, turning into pure rage.

*Despite the fact I was the victim I felt bad for telling my mom.

I was twenty-one by then living in a small town twenty minutes away.  Mom had come to collect Amy. She briefed me on what happened when she went to my Aunt and Step-Uncle with the information I told her. My Aunt accused me of wearing a bikini around the house, it was my fault. My Step-Uncle promised to stop drinking.

*There were no more Thanksgiving dinners over there.

So you see how that played out. The abuser starts out slow. Showing you a magazine like Playboy. Your already comfortable because I had been going over since I was really little. Getting you naked, getting used to his touch. All the time talking and talking about what he wants to do. You agree. My mother suffered, she blamed herself.  How could she have missed what I was engaging in? I felt horrible because she was hurt. All those years I was protecting my family from all those bad feelings.

*It wasn't her fault.

I hope this story which is continued from Seems Normal Enough, helps anyone who read my story. I didn't get pregnant until I was married and turned twenty-one so I came out of it okay except for some resentment of being introduced to sex at such a young age.

*Basically my childhood had been stolen.

 Here are some links to get help. If anyone sees any inkling of a child predator or even a regular looking adult male OR female interacting with any child, say or do something.

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