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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Seems Normal Enough #NewBlogger#ChildAbuse

Our family used to go visit my mom's Aunt and Step Uncle. We all lived in the same town making it easy to cross town to visit every day if we wanted. One of their neighbors down the street had a pool giving us permission to go swimming when we went over there. We went over there a lot bringing our towels often staying the whole day.

I remember my Aunt's dad being this tall man with really gnarled knuckles. When I asked him about it he told me they were full of arthritis. I was around eight years old when he took to his death bed. The family was all there circling him around his bed. I remember giving him a kiss on his withered old cheek telling him good-bye. He didn't last too long after that.

Grandpa had willed his house to my mom's Aunt whom I also called Aunt. It was a large 2-bedroom home with a spare room which held this large piano. I had learned to play chopsticks on it. Kitchen, dining room, hallway bathroom, and living room made up their home.

There was a door leading to an outdoor garage which my Aunt's cat would stop by to get fed taking off again as soon as it was done. Out in their backyard, my Uncle eventually planted lemon, grapefruit and tangerine trees. I was very interested in the growing process which my Step-Uncle taught me, later on, climbing the trees eating the fruit plucked right off the branch. Grapefruits for my endless diets. Lemons for that beautiful honey bleached long hair look. Tangerines to munch on.

Games of crochet, ping-pong, playing golf with those plastic golf balls which would often go sailing over their fence into their neighbor's yard was played on grass. The best thing was a big tortoise that slowly made its way around the backyard. It grew larger over the passing years. My Uncle actually did everything with a glass of Diet Tab and Vodka in his hand.

My Aunt liked to go get her hair done leaving for about a 2-hour hair session. She had the beehive look that was so popular back then. I thought it was an unnecessary amount of hairspray for just one hairdo. She loved it.

That would leave me and my Uncle alone. To Be Continued...

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