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Thursday, July 11, 2019

My Little Cotton Ball #NewBlogger #Cotton#MyEveryDayLife

About 3 days we got a little kitten. She has Siamese in her showing in her ears, tail, and nose. The rest looks like a light beige. Our sister-in-law online at Facebook said she looks like cotton. So her full name is Cotton Ball Rose.

She can already eat real cat food. I make up a little plate of dry and wet food with a little milk on top. She can already scamper to the bathroom using the litterbox.
One of her favorite places to nap is around my neck or on my shoulder. In fact, she's heading my way now. She likes to watch my computer screen.

                         Here is a picture of my husband holding her for a picture.

I'm so glad I found her. Or rather she was found for me. She is my therapy kitten which I dearly needed. I will keep up with her antics as they go.

I have this nice half an inch cut on my right arm from her sharp little claws. She didn't mean to. She was falling off my chair arm latching on. I was watching T.V. and didn't see her. She gave me little kitten kisses after that. 

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