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Saturday, July 27, 2019

My First Jobs #NewBlogger#Life#HickoryFarms#Jobs


My very first job. My dad working as a carpenter knew lots of people. The pay was $1.20 an hour. The register was one of that big clunky machine that using it I broke a nail. I worked on the weekends getting my first check was awesome. Now I could buy my clothes. I liked being at the mall. I'm a people watcher which I did on my breaks. I would get to work to the smell of freshly baked donuts. You would take the tray out of the oven lowering them into a glaze. They were so good melting in your mouth. A person who battled weight gain had no business working at a donut shop. I stayed with it for a while eventually moving on to a new store.


Oh boy, another store with lots of great food. I got to cut up samples trying each different cheese or sausage.  The store itself was very rustic. I loved working there. I was taught how to make cheese balls. There is a long steel metal rod that you slide down this smelly block of cheese. I would fashion the cut-out cheese into a ball rolling it in nuts. Know I knew where and how cheeseballs were made. I also was taught how to make up the boxes of food that were sent all over the United States.  You laid down that fake green grass-like you use for easter baskets. Whatever that particular box called for is what you laid in the box, sprinkle strawberry wrapped candies that had a chewy middle. Lastly, you would print out a label, stick it on the box and off it. I had that job a few months. I liked getting a check. The Palm Springs mall which today is all closed down. There was this little record shop I loved going into. I didn't buy albums. I like 45's. Little by little my records built up. I would get bored at home, close my bedroom door, sit cross-legged in front of my record player, flipping over the 45's finding some more good music. Later on, I would borrow the living room stereo for the record playing part. My parents finally bought a new one giving me the old one. I was addicted to the almighty dollar.

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