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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mexico #NewBlogger#Mexico#Traveling

Mexico is also the best place in the world.  My family and I must have gone there at least twenty times. As an adult now I know why “one piece of baloney” and “one glass of milk at night with dinner” etc. was for going on vacations. It would have been nice to be told this! But again that’s why I insisted on any kids I had we would communicate. Sometimes loudly but communicating either way! 

Going through customs at the border you are already getting the feel of Mexico flavor. You look across the border seeing and hearing the people, the noise. We actually had our car stripped once which I watched with great interest. Took our car seats out, tires off. The border police were looking for contraband. 

You drive through dusty streets with vendors selling giant powdery treats for a quarter which were very yummy. Little dirty-faced kids surrounding you yelling “por favor” please in Spanish with their little dirty brown hands stretched out pleading for money.
I had been warned about three things...DON'T DRINK THE WATER...DON'T GIVE CHANGE TO THE LITTLE BEGGERS...and whatever you do DON'T EAT TACOS from a street vendor it could be a ~shudder~ dog. Which of course to the teenage lover of dogs grossed me right out.

I loved the shops with the smiling vendors, it was like a covered Flea Market with Mexican shawls, shoes, toys, etc all hanging around you. I loved it. Even as frugal as mom was I still got a toy for a quarter which I played with the whole trip. I vaguely remember staying in a hotel once and it wasn't very good experience with a broken A.C. and the room was filthy. 

When we went the next time we had a camper. I loved riding on the top bunk in that camper. I would always pass out and later when my little brother Christopher came along when he got older we would ride up bunk bouncing a the same time together giggling and laughing.

I remember meeting a young girl my age and her introducing me to my first papaya walking along the beach line not being able to speak each other's language but still laughing and smiling. It was so pretty with blue skies and the water was so warm like bathwater. I would run in and out of the water at will.

Snorkeling was a lot of fun. I remember one time my cousins came with us. I and my cousin decided to snorkel. It was a gorgeous day with a blue sky and warm water. Wetting my mask I put the plastic mouthpiece to breathe in my mouth, looking at my cousin doing the same, we sunk into the water and started swimming wearing the fins my parents had bought.

I loved those pushing me through the water so much faster than bare feet. We swam up to a giant coral hill and started circling it and a bunch of small colorful fish came swimming by which I thought was just amazing. I went to touch the coral and felt stinging on my fingers then they started bleeding. My daredevil cousin made me get out of the water and onto the beach so the blood wouldn't attract sharks. I sure miss him. That's when my cousin was alive may he ~Rip~

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