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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Memories Of a First Love #NewBlogger#Traveling#FirstLove

Now we are getting to one of many “Happy Places” in my life. I will write what I see in my mind's eye for to this day which I am now 60 years old I can still see that part of my life as clearly as if it was just yesterday.

It was the normal hot sunny day in Palm Springs, California at the local High School pool. The pool water was a nice clear blue itself, nice and cool. I had on my first bikini that my father had given the OK for me to wear which had flowers and ties on the top and sides. These were promptly tied tight the minute I left sight of my house. 

I close my eyes and I can see and almost feel the warm tile beneath me which I had splashed with pool water to cool it down so I could sit. I would sit next to the lifeguard tower which I thought was the perfect job in the whole world to get a good tan.

As I tilted my face towards the sun closing my eyes through the gate came a couple of boys armed with a big black plastic inner tube throwing it into the pool making the water shift slightly, a loud noise of plastic hitting the water rang out. One boy was dark-skinned, the other I recognized lived in my neighborhood. I went to school with his sister. My mother wouldn't let me be friends with them because her mother had two many "uncles" aka boyfriends. When I finally did get to meet their mother I loved her.

Taking a running jump, they both cannon-balled into the pool making a huge splash jostling each other for the inner tube. Meanwhile, I would glance over when the boys were submerged then looking away as they came up shouting, continuing to nonchalantly sunbath. After a few more minutes of horseplay, the boy Matt from my neighborhood came swimming over to the side where I was sitting telling me as I blushed slightly, his friend would like to meet me. Thus began my first love affair.
 We dated for the rest of the summer meeting at the High School pool. 
There was this unfamiliar butterfly fluttering in my stomach. I was in love with this handsome, dark-skinned, slanted green-eyed boy.  

We had been seeing each other and wanted me to meet his cousins. The next day in through the pool's gate comes three teenage girls. Two were sisters, the other girl was from my neighborhood sister of the boy who had introduced me to my Rick. I was invited over to his cousin's house and fell in love. It was the kind of life I had dreamed of. We became the best of friends and I miss them all dearly. I have tried to find them on Facebook with no success. I suppose I could try harder but would not be sure of the meeting so I don't. There were Karen and  Diane who were sisters.  Ann and later on Rita. We became very close, I slept over every chance I got. Their parents were like parents to me, they were Italian. Well, half, Josie the mother was.

I remember big tall shining pots of bubbling homemade spaghetti sauce with homemade bread dipping a piece into the pot and being scolded told to stay out of it; a smokey kitchen at night while the adults played cards and smoked cigarettes. Trips to Cherry Valley to visit their relatives who were 100% Italian to the point of a stone wall oven in this huge kitchen with the delicious smells of baking bread coming out. I loved it. I often regret the path that took me away from them but all those memories are priceless.

Anyways back to the cutest guy in the whole wide world who has since passed may he R.I.P but that’s a whole different story. 

I remember talking my parents into letting me go on my first date at almost sixteen. It was to the movies and hell if I can remember the movie, but it was me, Ricky, and his cousins. So holding my breath until he asked me to “go steady” with him we were right into each other. He paid me a lot of attention. He introduced me to Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven which I learned every word. I felt so loved.

We would have long make-out sessions to which was what teenagers did, but that was as far as that went.  It was all and good, but my mother had to ruin it by insisting that he came over to my house and that was never a good idea. We would meet up at the mall but my mom made it harder and harder to see him and he finally broke up with me which broke my teenage heart. God the tears flowed and flowed and I blamed my mother. She had no trust in me at all. Maybe because she got pregnant with me, but she should have trusted me more.

Finally, the summer came to an end. I was in my senior year finally having friends to hang out with. I had my choir class which I loved. We were a class of sixty-four singers. We were so good we traveled all over for singing contests which we would always win. I loved it. The other activity I enjoyed was joining the all-girls league of softball. We all became really good going out playing games and winning most of them. I played third base. I could also when up to bat could hit a perfect third-line drive which usually went through the girl's third-base man's legs. It was a hell of a good time. 

My mother wanted me to enjoy my Senior year insisting I take all eight classes when I only needed a couple of credits to graduate. I ended up taking all the extra classes; Art, Home Economics, Softball, Choir and working in the Office.

This memory just came to me: I smile when telling this story about one of two times I snuck a boy into my room. This is never a good idea. Of course, my parents came home early and if anyone outside the house was looking they would have seen a teenage boy jumping out my window! Here's what happened. 

Me: "I can't believe it, my parents came home early"!
As I'm shoving Ricky into my closet I cranked up my music.
When my parents got in the house my mother hollered for me to turn down my music.
Me and Ricky freaking out saying "Oh crap"...a lot.
Me: Opening my window pushing the screen out telling Ricki to jump out helping him by pushing his legs.

I have told this story a few times and when I told him which fences to jump over, he jumped over the wrong fence coming face to face with my backyard neighbor's Doberman. Needless to say, he yelled at me when he got home. I told him it was his fault! 

I look back at it today and can't help grinning at the craziness of that day. Anyways I and his cousins remained friends all through my 12th year and they were all in their 11th  year and that’s when at the ending of my 12th year I and the girls went looking for a boy to take me to the Prom which I didn't want to go to. Again my mother insisted.

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