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Hi there and welcome to my blog. I am a married 60 year old woman who still has the mind of a twenty year old. I have three children and two grandsons. I've been to hell and back each time stronger than the time before. If I can help you then it was all worth it.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Love Lost On Valentines Day #NewBlogger#LoveLost#LifeLessons

Days, months, then years passed as time does, My pain faded into the past. I never forgot about my green-eyed, dark-skinned boy at the local swimming pool. I sat dreamily gazing out the window. It was the day after Valentines. In my mind's eye, I was that young girl of fifteen sitting at the edge of the local pool sunbathing.

The Californian sky was a vivid dark blue, a slight breeze was gently moving my long brown, sun-bleached hair.  One day in January I went to visit some old friends I had gone to school with. They were two sisters having been married living side by side in an apartment complex downtown in Palm Springs.

They all had to go to work leaving me with instructions to turn off the oven when the timer went off. I was sitting waiting when the door opened and in came Ricky, My first love was right here in front of me. we started to see each other again. January turned to February turning into Valentine's Day. I stared at the phone deciding to give Rick a call at his place of employment to wish him a Happy Valentine's day.

Heres the call I remember making. I was twenty-two: "Hello, I'd like to speak to Rick if he's available to please"? My heart sped up with excitement at the anticipated sound of his voice. I never knew what that saying, "time stopped" truly meant until I heard what came out of the phone's receiver, "I'm sorry, he died". I hung up in disbelief dialing my mother wailing, "He's dead". 

He had died in a car collision coming from a place called Shakey's Pizza. Some boys had gone out to Shakeys Pizza and were coming to the crossroads that had no traffic light and smashed into the car he and his brother were driving in. I was in shock for days.

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