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Friday, July 19, 2019

Long Distance Face Chat with Grandsons #NewBlogger#LongDistanceGrandma#Facechat

My 3-year-old grandson name is Barrett, Bear for short. I can't post his picture respecting his mother's wishes.

For a while now I have been meaning to connect with other long-distance grandma bloggers. I am easily distracted though so I sat down one day and told myself when I started a project keep going at it. Basically, I have made my husband look at me funny asking me what? He lives under headphones for peacekeeping reasons. Evidently, my inside voice was becoming my outside voice turning into a running dialogue. Since our computers are side by side, he got used to it turning up his volume. On one of the blog, I landed on jarred my memory of my grandson Barrett. He is almost four come August which is right now two months away. Here is the link long-distance grandma.

In this article like the blogs I've already been reading is talking about how to stay close to your grandkids who live across the country. In it was the usual Skype, Facechat which is becoming more and more popular, telephones, etc.

That jogged my memory when face chatting little Barrett was given the phone by his daddy with my okay started running around the house babbling away showing off their new house in Texas. Grandpa and I got to see the fan, the floor, the dining room, the curtains, the outside, and the bathroom which prompted little Bear, his nickname, to have to go pee.

So I got to cheer for the fourth time, grandpa's first for he has no children, on Bear hitting the toilet bowl grinning away while grandma and grandpa cheered.
Moments like that I will never forget although it just right this minute occurred to me we should have taken pictures. I'll have to check on that I know you can take pictures on Skype. Well back to reading these blogs which I hope to befriend at least one of these grandmas.

My 2-year-old grandson's name is Ace. I can't post his picture respecting his mother's wishes.

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