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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Kansas City,Kansas #NewBlogger#Kansas#Traveling#Vacation

I remember the year my family went to visit my mother's sister in Kansas. My dad drove all the way there. I was a teenager wanting nothing to do with the whole trip. But I had had to go anyways. Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to my cousins. If I should have kept in touch. Oh well too late now. After a string of Motel 6's and Denny restaurants we finally made it to Kansas City, Kansas.

I still remember going out in the front yard catching fireflies. I and my cousins filled a jar with these tiny flies that lite up. I thought that was so cool. My Aunt had this garden in her backyard. I loved that. One night my Uncle Gordon and my dad had decided to go frog hunting. We all went out back where the earthworms were snatching at them buried in the dirt which they would occasionally break in half. When we had enough my dad and uncle drove my uncle's car pulling the rowboat behind it to a pond nearby. I was told you baited the frogs with the worms smacking the frogs on the head to kill them. I firmly told my mom and aunt there was no way I was going to eat frog legs. So the men came home victoriously dumping a bucketful of frogs into my aunt's kitchen sink. Of course, the legs, once they were cut off from the frog's main body, started jumping in the sink. I was grossed out as I got a lesson in biology about a frogs muscle spasms.

 With my mom and my aunt in the kitchen, dinner served in huge steaming bowls of corn on the cob, baby potatoes, green beans, and salad fixings. This was all from my aunts garden. The soil in Kansas is perfect for growing produce. I looked down at my plate at those frog legs tentatively taking a tiny bite. Sure enough, those gross little twitchy frog legs did taste like chicken. My Aunt, later on, started sculpting starting in her oven at home. She would take her craft to the various stores selling, building up her reputation until she was able to buy her store. Looking back now I wish I had kept in touch but the only thing I can do is try to impress the importance of staying in touch with family. As long as they are worth it and not abusive. The week was over it was time to say good-bye. I was sad to leave but glad to get back home.

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