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Monday, July 29, 2019

Jr. High Palm Spring, California #NewBlogger#Life#GrowingUp#LifeLessons

I loved Art, Cooking, and Choir I remember the first time I got kicked out of a class. Some kid behind me from laughing had farted which sent me into peals of laughter. So I got kicked out. As I was heading down the hallway I heard a voice behind me to wait up. The rest of my class were behind me and we all went to my music class. That did not impress my teacher at all as I explained I had never been kicked out of class before. I innocently told him I didn't know I had to go to the principles office. Oops.

 The kids, as a rule, were pretty cool. The boys were so immature. I remember this one tall Afro-American boy who in between walking down the hall to classes liked to jump over a girl's head or stick someone with a pin. He stuck a pin in me once.  I was not impressed so when I got home the next day I brought my mother's darning needles to school brandishing them in front of this kid's face. He left me alone after that.

Another boy would punch me in the arm as he walked by me. He thought he was cool carrying this pocket knife around. I had had enough of this kid so one day he had his knife out at lunch and running by I grabbed it with him in hot pursuit. It ended with me running down one of the grassy hilly areas suddenly ducking down into almost a ball cracking up when he flew over me tumbling the rest of the way down the hill. I tossed his knife into a trash can. He left me alone after that. Junior High wasn't all about embarrassments. I did have two escapes, my love of art and music.

 The rest of Jr. High is pretty much of a blur. I was so relieved when it was all done. Another summer was here with camping, swimming, Sea World, Magic Mountain, The San Deigo Zoo, Knotsberry Farm, The Wax Museum were just a few of the places our family would go too.

I remember the first time I wanted to shave. I was a young girl and I had very hairy legs which of course made me feel very self-conscious. So one day I sneaked into my parent's master bathroom borrowing my father's very sharp razor which I had been warned never to touch. I snuck the razor into my bathroom excited, I was going to have beautifully smooth shaved legs. I sure could have used Google back then for at least I knew to lather up my legs first. I start at the top of my foot and draw the razor along the top of my leg to my knee. 

Have you ever cut yourself with a very sharp razor? If you have then you know at first you don't feel anything at all but you know there's something wrong. Next is this awful stinging sensation with blood flowing out of five or six little chunks of shin skin up the length of my poor leg. I managed to finish shaving only much more carefully around the little holes in my leg. I got better at shaving after learning the hard way which was mostly the only way I learned about life. I wore pants for a week. Now I know where the phrase growing up can painful comes from.  I heard my Dad your hollering from his bathroom. When you use a mans razor it dulls very quickly.

Images are flashing by for I had some very good times despite the fact I was still a loner belonging to no group of kids but trying to fit in. Nothing like I am now that’s for sure! Having to wear, yes my mother kept on buying youngish clothing, what she picked out was embarrassing. We would go to Sears and/or J.C. Pennys my mother armed with a credit card. For some reason, my father came along and it's he that I went to with my 'clothing issues'. I would make my argument over whatever I was being forced to wear, he would issue his verdict. I would win. It usually was about wearing outdated stuff. Going to Jr. High I knew you had to change in front of other girls in Physical Education.  No way was I going to wear cotton brief panties with little flowers on them! We settled on cotton crouch solid print bikinis. Now I needed bras. 

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