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Thursday, July 25, 2019

I love San Diego #NewBlogger#ShamefulSecrets#SanDiego#Traveling

My best favorite memories of my childhood were visiting my cousins and my grandparents who all lived in San Diego, California who was on my father's side. My Aunt Stella and Uncle Dan, my dad's brother, lived in San Diego. My parents decided to move there.

I remember a trailer park and a very cold trailer. I  fed squirrels peanuts by hand. In my new school, I had made one new friend so far and went over to her house listening to music being silly with music wearing a banana peel for a hat. My old school sent me a Valentines Day Card signed with everyone's name from my third-grade class on it. My mom was pregnant with my brother at that time and I barely remember a house we had moved into and squishing my finger in a doorway. Funny the stuff you remember.

 I loved San Diego. My Aunt and Uncle had a two-story drafty house which us kids trampled through when we traveled the three hours to visit them. There were one older brother and two sisters and later to come to another boy. I remember lots and lots of green shrubberies, the cool air that warmed up around noontime, plants, and trees everywhere and about eight blocks down was the beach which I practically lived on. I Almost drowned once but that’s pretty good after a lifetime of swimming in the ocean. I got caught in a rip-tide which are very dangerous. I was under long enough to see sparks.   

I always thought it was so neat to be able to see the ocean from my cousin's house. Getting down to the beach was the ultimate rush tho! My Uncle had taken skateboards and built them into scooters and we all had one.  Our shoes were our brakes much to my mother's dismay. We all wore the bottoms off!

I sure wish I had that kind of energy again running up and down that hill and stomping through the neighbor's yards playing a night game of tag. It was non-stop fun. Then we would all go upstairs and blankets were laid out for us all to sleep on in that attic with the slanted walls that I occasionally bumped into. I had my first coffee from my Aunt Stella. Lots of creamer and sugar and I loved it! My mother was totally against it so it was our little secret.

 Next, would come running in and out and all around the neighborhood until it became time for strawberry homemade ice cream that never failed to give me brain freeze it was so good. Later on, we would have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Watermelon seeds everywhere which made the critters happy. I loved it there.

 My Aunt read Tarot Cards which my mother was also totally against but I'm sorry to say my mother didn't like much. Her way was the right way. Aunt Stella read my cards one day. They said I was going to meet a tall dark and handsome man. I was still too young to be thinking about that.

I liked the inside of Aunt Stella's house with the beaded curtains which us kids would go swishing through and brightly colored decorations all over. My mother found it “tacky”. I loved it. I would dream of how this was my real life and thank God for dreams for they are free. 

So we would stay the weekend and then the dreaded three-hour drive home with my parents bickering and arguing all the way with my father driving like a maniac passing cars on hills that I would have a nice upset stomach by the time we got home.

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