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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Cotton Ball Rose #NewBlogger#KeepingFingersCrossed#GetWellCotton

Today is the second day of my kitten's fight for survival. The day before yesterday 7/18/2019 I was sat down in my recliner. Pulling the lever handle I made the foot of it come up. Like all curious kittens, Cotton was into everything and went everywhere that she could. As I was sitting there I started hearing this faint grunty cooing noise. I thought some pigeons were on our window sill like they sometimes do. No pigeons were there. Then it hit me. Cotton! With great tribulation, I pushed the lever to let the footstool down hoping and praying it wouldn't cut her in two.
Now both my husband and I have joint pain especially in our knees but my husband went down on his looking under my recliner as I held it up and sobbed Cottons name. Pulling her out her legs were bent in an unnatural position. And the noises she was making no longer sounded like normal meowing. Her head was at an unnatural angle we were stunned she still was alive.
To give her comfort we held her close while she slept from noon that day until 10pm at night she finally woke up. Since she couldn't make it to her kitty litter box I fashioned a small bed out of a paper egg cartoon the large one with a maxi pad attached to it. She's still small so she fit perfectly.

So up to date, she doesn't like to swallow which makes feeding her worrisome. She has used her litterbox twice with help once to pee once to poop. She's sleeping less and less. I have been taking her into the kitchen for exercise which she kept on going sideways to the left but today she took five steps, can sit up, and move all over her box. We set up a Go Fund Me which my daughter donated some money but that's it. We are keeping our fingers crossed she will become the healthy little kitten we already love dearly.

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