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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Yearnings Of A Long-Distance Grandma #NewBlogger#LongDistanceGrandma#Love

Being a long-distance Grandma is a term I never thought would be applied to myself. Since I had a childhood with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents only a stone's throw away I thought when I grew up that would be my life. Here I thought a three-hour drive was a long way to go to see my cousins. Little did I know having grandkids would boil down to watching them on Facebook, Facechat, Instagram and all the other social media as a rule.

Now don't get me wrong. I did raise my son and daughter to be strong independent people. Waving to each of them as their turn came to take flight into this wide world of wonders. 

I didn't give it a second thought migrating from California where I was born and raised ending up in Vermont. What adventures I have had. I defiantly want that for my kids and their kids. I wasn't ready for the soul-sucking sadness I would experience from the parting of thousands of miles. 

Now I did get to go and visit my son and his wife when my first grandson was born. (My son bought the plane ticket) Then again for the second grandson taking tons of photos along the way. Having a daughter in Florida and my son in Texas my husband and I have two vacation choices saving from spending money for a Hotel room. That's the good part. The not so good part is the price of Airline tickets. As I get older traveling gets harder.

So here I was battling all these mixed emotions feeling guilty about most of them. I knew one thing for sure. My father could cut himself off from family like snapping your fingers. He distanced himself from his parents. His mother had a drinking problem. More like a full-blown alcoholic. Now that can be rough.

I think the only part of his family he kept in contact with is his only brother. Since I had been cut off way back in 1990 when my daughter was born.  Thanks, Grandpa. It's been thirty-five years now. So I diffently wasn't going to do that.  My son found it important enough for me to be there for he flew me out to Florida.

 So here I was wishing, dreaming of a life with grandchildren growing up around you. My son's friend's kids growing up around me. Any teenage person that I had welcomed into my home their kids growing up around me. I would still be able to maintain the sound of children running through the house happily laughing.

It's no one's fault though. If I want to place any blame it would be the state of Maine. When you turn 50 you are considered a senior ~WHAT?~ riding the public bus for a quarter instead of fifty cents. The other side is you get a letter shortly after your birthday from the State declaring no more Medicaid for you. ~WHAT?~ Now there's a bummer. After the initial shock, my life did take another road but that's a different story.

If you are a long-distance grandma that's sad or not, I totally understand.

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